Anveshi Jain Message for women's day 2019

Anveshi Jain Message for women's day 2019

Happy Woman's Day Message By Anveshi Jain

You are Beautiful
You are Magnificent
you are Sharp and Kind.

You are Unique
You are worthy of Love 
and Affection.

You Never Too Much 
You Always enough.

You are precious
you are Diamond.

A Rose
A Pearl.

The Most Stunning of All kinds.

Your are worth More Than you can Ever Imagine.

Worth More Than the Number on the Scale of 10
are you Vital Stats.

More Than How Many Girls Wished They were you
A how many Guys They Wished They Had you.

More Than Price Tag on your Bgg
More Than the Number of Followers on Your Social Media. 

Regardless of Who you
Think You are...

Whether you are Model in Magazine
or A Home Maker.

Whether you are in Hot List
or on the Not List.

Whether you are Miss popular 
other one Never had anybody could call a friend.

Whether you are Such a winner
are you feel like world's Biggest Failure.

Regardless of who you Think you Are..
The Reality is..
It is a Someone will give up their life for you
Because you My dear A Powerful and Strong
You are Capable.

Look at The History
Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa.

These woman changed the world Forever
and inside of you Each and Everyone of You.

There is a Woman 
of Same Power of Same strength 
and the Same world Changing Capability.
And Your Responsibility is to Find That Woman. 

and Set Her Free ...This is way you are 
and any voice is that tell you otherwise our for the enemy. 

Next Time When you here such voices in your head 

This is what you say 
Na A Not me sit him
I am The Daughter of the Living Guard. 

I am Loved Cherished Adored 

our wall things i am what it.

and Please don't you forget it.

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Anveshi Jain Message for women's day 2019

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